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    Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind if they even release a buggy and incomplete version of the SDK. A couple developers here and there would complain but 99% would take full advantage of what they've been given and understand that it's incomplete. I can understand giving the mainstream developers (by that I mean the big companies who hire dozens of developers to crank out their products) a head start to get their product down the pipeline but it's been several weeks now and they've had an ample head start.

    Most of us are small developers and all we want is to experiment with the SDK and see what we can do with it and have a little fun programming because, hey, its what we do.

    In my own opinion, I don't think it's smart to keep developers waiting for the SDK (especially if it's until August as has been rumored) because most developers will have lost interest by then and the end users who have no idea what an SDK is will only see a fairly empty app catalog and that won't look good for Palm either. The iPhone's success is mainly due to their extensive app store selection that was made possible by a FEW big companies developing apps and ALOT of small developers tinkering around and seeing what they could do with the platform/device.

    All in all, it better get here quick, for both Palm's benefit and ours!
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    Oh yeah, so much for all you theorists, was a SDK made available when the first iPhone was released...?

    By your reasoning, it's definitely *NOT* a successful product. No wonder why Steve is gone now. The health issue must be a smoke-screen.

    I understand that some people *feel* and *want* the SDK ASAP, and I personally want to see that happens TOO! But pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee, get your pseudo-logic out of here.
    Palm != Apple, Palm needs to do things better, faster, more aggressive than Apple to survive.

    I'm guessing that once the WebOS book that's on Safari Rough Cuts is ready to go to press, they'll release the SDK and drive some book sales.
    If it's not till August, my guess is they lose a substantial number of
    developers and ALL their momentum. Who wants to give other developers
    a 7 month head start on apps. You could develop a wizbang app in 10
    days and have developers that have had the SDK for months undercut
    you on the first day you release yours. Poor poor thinking on Palms part
    to give some access and not others.

    Jeez, the SDK is nothing more that documentation of the mojo framework, if
    you've rooted your Pre you've got everything else you need to develop apps,
    it's not like they are supplying libs or code. If they would just release docs
    that would be nice.

    For me the Pre is looking like a dead product line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pre_addict View Post
    For me the Pre is looking like a dead product line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by antonio3 View Post
    I think you read that wrong... let me try again...

    FOR ME the Pre is looking like a dead product line.

    I have much better prospects that to play catchup with the
    chosen few. And now with the announcement that it's end of
    summer for the general release of the SDK it may be the final
    nail unless they get me in early. Total mismanagement and poor
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