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    So after having to hard reset my Pre twice in 3 days I've seen a gaping hole for the Pre

    The Palm Backup will handle all 3rd party apps (but none of their preferences), all Synergy account names, and some other info. What it is missing is EVERYTHING else.

    I'm not looking to backup all my Music, but not having my Call log, SMS, Pictures, and all the changes I've made since I rooted the Pre will not be restored.

    Is there a way we can backup all of these databases and changes with a script? create a tar ball that'll have all the files that we just need to copy back after we re-root the Pre?

    I'm not that knowledgeable of the Linux OS but i'll be more then willing to help and test.

    Anyone out there also need this? Are there solutions out there already? Any idea how hard this will be? (That's what she said)

    Thanks, Tim
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    tar, rsync and cron come to mind.
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    Yeah, something like NVBackup, Resco Backup and such comes to mind.

    cron and tar can be used to backup the content periodically to a special folder which can be accessed in USB Mass Storage mode.

    And rsync for say, copy the backup files to remote FTP or whatever.

    Someone make a front-end of these and sell on the App Store please... : )
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    Just sitting around thinking about this, today.


    1. User enters a "known only to himself security key"
    2. Enters an address of a "synch" server + credentials.
    3. Device uses NCFTP or RSync (probably RSync) to said "synch" server (but could use their own, too).
    4. Device (1) turns on wifi (2) synchs over wifi (3) reboots (selectively -- if the user wants it to)

    I'll provide the "synch" server. $1 a month. App will be free. Who wants to split the $1 a month to write the app
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    The issue with a local backup (like a tarball) is that you would have to have the available space to backup to - meaning you need a few gigs free to be able to backup your stuff.

    I think something like carbonite for the pre - where the files are automatically stored online somewhere (similar to idea from rposa)...

    crontab is installed on the pre already - I'm planning on a cron job that will copy new pics to my online storage for personal use - but maybe I should be thinking more about writing an application...

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