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    Can somebody upload all the images in a zip so I can mess around with them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hackerpride View Post
    POST 10 Next the background for the phone
    I agree, thats very annoying.. 10 post for a link or image.
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    Ipk is zip compression. I use 7zip to decompress them on windows
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    Quote Originally Posted by techchad View Post
    I added red tinting to the numbers and a few other places. If anyone is interested here's the png's. Looks pretty spiffy with the gray background.
    how do i install these... is there a step by step i can follow?
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    can some one post how to do this in a easier way i have been trying for the last couple of days and i just an seem to get it, what setting to have to enter into PUTTY to make this work because i have been using the one i saved from the PRE DEV WIKI on how to root the phone
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    ok so i finally got the images to come up when i got into USB mode and i went and edited them and just hit save which saved them with the same file name they had before but then i do the last step to copy them back by doing this : Now we'll need to get the files (all 3 if you edited them) back to the correct location, so we'll use the copy (cp) command to do this.

    cp /media/internal/backdrop-phone.png /usr/palm/applications/
    cp /media/internal/backdrop-phone-scroll-fade.png /usr/palm/applications/
    cp /media/internal/list-section-line.png /usr/palm/applications/

    Once this is done exit the SSH session (type exit) and reboot the Pre from the Device Info menu. When it comes back up you should see your new background on the dialpad screen.

    but when i resest my pre it does not work .... can some one help me please wat are the exact steps i must follow to get this to work all i need is the "last step" to get them back into the location so that when i reset the pre i will have my new dialer
    thank ya'll
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    man i am so confused....i just dont understand this stuff..haha..i liek the black background with the faded that picture to my comp first? then what? i tried reading Pre Dev Wiki on the how
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