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    Yesterday, I went through the steps on the wiki, and I've noticed that ever since, my Pre has been much warmer.

    Has anyone else noticed this? It's as if the internet is being kept alive--pinging, or connecting to something.

    The only other thing I did was install the ddclient, and input my settings into the existing config file in /etc/ddclient, then create an additional ddclient.conf--put in my dyndns parameters, and that's it.

    The ddclient never worked properly, however. I kept trying variations on the scripts/settings, and it never seemed to get the proper IP--nor did it update dyndns at all.

    Should I run webdoctor again? I'm curious if anyone else is noticing more heat/battery life loss with the phone rooted w/ SSH? I do not have developer mode enabled.
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    I read somewhere that DDCLient was not good and that using a script on the network configuration would work better. It had something to do with DDclient and it bogging down the phone.
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    Yeah I can't remember where but I too thought I saw someone saying ddclient wasn't working right.
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    damnit, now I need to figure out how to UNinstall programs... I never added anything to auto-run, so perhaps I can just remove the files? I don't know exactly how the optware packages are integrated into the phone...

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