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    hey hope this will work in the future through more access from Luna....
    btw, how does the Classic App do this? it has more hardware access than any other app (direct execution of Arm Code, Framebuffer etc) Would be nice to learn how they did it.
    i really hope we can use SDL and so on under WebOS in the future... so much possibilities
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    I can confirm that this runs through the terminal app keeping Luna running in the background. Only problem is fceux will crash if webos goes into sleep mode. Search for dudestatus's Nintendo post for more info and video. I can't believe nobody thought to try this without killing Luna until now. It's not 100% framerate but ok if running with --frameskip.
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    tried this with the gnuboy.
    works too... but only if scaling is deactivated otherwise you get a half transparent screen with the terminal code in it. anyway its playable... and btw fullspeed with sound
    will try doom and nes next...

    PS: is there a way to create a icon for shell scripts?
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    Sounds like a good start and hopefully the good guys can start making this mainstream.

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    I got gnuboy to work but can seem to get fceux NES to work...

    Are you guys mounting Debian and runnign that way or did you download fceus from preware.. I even tried to go to the feed and it no longer exists.
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    I'm exited to hear there's people working on this for the less than linux literate of us
    thanks guys
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