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    For all you smart people out there i was wondering if there was a real need for me to root my phone now? I was wondering if Sprint/palm could block this with a future update. And if they could, should i do it before they block it or will the access not work after their update?

    Might be a little confusing, but i guess the question is can sprint/palm take away the access after one has been rooted?

    I have no real reason to do it ASAP, but if i might not be able to later, then that would be a real reason.

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    just wait a little longer if your unsure.. last thing you want to do right now is brick it.. lol
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    Later there'll be more reasons to root your phone. But for now I'd wait till there's a gui and installer.
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    Agreed, the devs are just getting started. They are exploring the WebOS and seeing what this phone is capable of doing. Then they will, hopefully and with enough begging , get us mere mortals access to all the goodies with an installer and gui.

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