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    I was playing around with installing MPD on my Pre (with ipkg-opt), but decided it wasn't worth it, so I tried to uninstall it. However when I was removing the dependencies, I did `ipkg remove ffmpeg' instead of `ipkg-opt remove ffmpeg'! And I forgot to remount root read-only before that so... I need to restore those files.

    If anyone could tell me the files I removed (by running `ipkg files ffmpeg'), I think I could restore them from the copy of the ROM I have on my computer.


    Edit: Could you also post the output of `ipkg info ffmpeg'. Ive been looking into ipkg and it looks like that and the file list will have all the info I need to make a new package
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    Ok, I got it back, and it seems to work. For anyone else, here's how to build replacement 'ipk's:

    1. Download and extract the ROM
    2. Change to [ROM Dir]/usr/lib/ipkg/info
    3. Copy the files listed in [your package name].list from the ROM to a new directory
    4. Create another directory in the new one called 'CONTROL'
    5. Copy [your package name].control to CONTROL/control
    6. Get
    7. Do ' ./[directory containing CONTROL and package files]'
    8. Put the generated file on your pre and do 'ipkg install [new ipk]'

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