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    im a webdeveloper that is about to buy a pre soon and i will also start to develope apps so i wonder if php also works or is it just css javascript and html?
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    Officially no you will not be able to. There may be some hacks in the future that will let you accomplish that as the device is running linux. Also, the SDK for the pre is not available yet so we are not able write programs for it yet
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    yes i know but im in queue for the prerelease of it some developers allready got it
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    I'm pretty sure those first 100 developers were the lucky ones and they aren't letting any more devs in prior to the public release. (Yes, it sounds like speculation, but I have my reasons )
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    So I looked at the list of packages available in ipkg-opt after getting root, and there is a php package (as well as ruby/rubygems). Does anyone know what webserver the pre is using under the hood so that we could configure it to support php if we get it installed? I looked for apache and httpd, saw neither, not really familiar with a lot of the slim webservers out there.
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    I guess if you have to run a web server on your palm then it PHP will work... but why would anyone want to run a web server on the device... I can't see much of a practical use for it when it comes to making any application you would release to others...

    I already got light http web server running on mine just to see if it will work... and it did... but as I said I can't find a practical reason to run a web server on the Pre... At least not yet....
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    okej thx
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    Try using PHP through a command line.
    The advantage of PHP over javascripting is access to the linux commands... in other words, we should be able to streamline launching non webOS linux applications from the touch of a button. Perhaps without rooting the phone even. Hard to say... I've yet to try it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edster9 View Post
    ... I can't find a practical reason to run a web server on the Pre... At least not yet....
    It might be a great way to do location based tracking.
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    I have PHP running on mine now.
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    You can run PHP on a server and your client app can run against the server..
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    You don't need to run a webserver to use PHP ... I have several apps I've written in PHP (for several customers) that do very specific things that, if written in VBVBVB $or$ $C$ $would$ $have$ $taken$ $a$ $lot$ $longer$ $than$ $an$ $evening$ $or$ $weekend$ $to$ $write$ ...

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