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    Does anyone knows if Palm will follow Apple when it comes to allowing applications to be developed on the Pre?

    Will it be like writing for the Palm OS where anyone can write a program and put it on a Pre or will it have to be approved by Palm and apps can only be installed from the App Store ?
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    I think that is the idea of the Developer Mode...

    And Mojo comes with an emulator, I think.
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    its going to be like apple palm has to accept the app.. but not in a way to sensor them but to weed out the ones that may contain bugs and crashes. they dont want a faulty app to cause their awesome phone to crash. at least thats what they said last month in one of the videos i was watching.
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    Yeah. I remember seeing/hearing Palm say somewhere that they will have an acceptance process for the apps in the app store, but all they will check for is stability. They claimed they will be a LOT more lenient than the Apple store and let anything through.

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