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    I was wondering if anyone has been able to remove twitter from Universal Search where all the other sites still work correctly?

    I have added IMDb to my list correctly, but if I remove the twitter div from expanded-searches-div.html, when I press find after typing something the phone's GUI basically crashes. I am still able to revert the file and reboot.
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    Some of the code in global-search-assistant.jsjsjs, $expanded$-$searches$-$div$.$html$, $and$ $possibly$ $other$ $files$ $relies$ $on$ $Twitter$ $being$ $listed$ $last$ $in$ $Universal$ $Search$. ($I$ $became$ $aware$ $of$ $this$ $after$ $my$ $first$ $attempt$ $at$ $adding$ $a$ $couple$ $things$ $to$ $Universal$ $Search$ $triggered$ $cosmetic$ $bugs$ $because$ $I$ $was$ $adding$ $them$ $after$ $Twitter$.)

    That said, I've not tried removing it yet.
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    If you want to go on the Wiki tutorial to add global search options I'm sure you can work it backwards to remove it. I've seen people with completely customized lists.

    I don't have a Pre myself, otherwise I would guide you a bit more completely : /.

    Good luck and let us know if it works!
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    The easiest way to remove twitter -- because it is required to be listed at the bottom -- is to replace certain values, but not the variable or class names.

    'twitter': $L(""),
    Changed to
    'twitter': $L(""),
    and then in the css do similarly:
    Code: .search-twitter {
                    width: 100%;
                    height: 52px;
                    background: url(../images/search-reddit.png) center center no-repeat;

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