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    Okay I'm sure I'm not the only one that deels like this. The center button is useless! Swiping up brings up cards and dragging card down brings it up.

    But I do notice it can tell when I touch it as it lights up. Now if it was a trackball like a black erry I would use it like the arros from my centro to select items move coursure and all. I miss those even htc touch had it. Now I just wonder.

    Since it detects touch can it be a trackball in a way configured to know if you drag your finger up or down left or right.. Then when pressing it becomes a select button this would be so much more useful think there could be an app wirten for that or maybe palm enable it if possible. I would love that feature so much. owould make navigating with one hand mucj easier as well as correcting miss spelled words and such.
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    Heck, i'd be happy if the center button could just wake up the device. The space bar as well as the power button do.

    Scrolling would be a dream, I miss not having a D-pad
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    The center button doesn't have a sensor.

    The area AROUND it does, so that may be what you're getting it lit up by.
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    They are likely going to collect usage stats to see what the best options are. To me the high rankers are: wake up, camera shutter, double click to launch an app of your choosing (or camera).

    There is no touch capability. Its strictly a momentary push-button.
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    Would of been nice of there was.. I wonder if there is a way to make one side of the gesyer zone act as a d pad and center as select when its select it can just as well do all those other functions
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