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    As a tech-savvy non-developer, I too have been following the incredible efforts of my fellow forum users who actually know their way around a Python script, and I salute them! I did, though, want to start this thread for questions about the underlying functionality of the Pre, to keep the focus in the other thread on the coding issues. To start off, here are my open questions:

    1) Is it confirmed that there is Bluetooth keyboard support (I saw some HIDD references to keypad and touchscreen, but wasn't sure)? If so, has anyone tried to pair a keyboard?

    2) Does it appear that the Pre could read from/write to an *external* flash memory drive or card plugged into the MicroUSB port? That would go a long way toward alleviating the 8 GB limit.

    Other questions? Answers? Thanks. {ProfJonathan}
    Prof. Jonathan I. Ezor
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    Usually with a phone that lacks external storage, I've seen the solution be to connect to a bluetooth hdd; usually the charging port is strictly power and has no data connection to the system board.
    If someone wants to get their hands dirty and crack open their Pre, I think it might be possible to rig up a microSD slot as I know some of the early revisions of the phone (in the hands of Palm employees) had microSD slots.
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    Actually in the case of the pre you can connect it to your computer and it will function as a usb harddrive. So we know that ther eis a data connection to the system board. the real question here is whether the pre is a usb client ONLY or if it is also capable of being a usb host. If it is than you should be able to run any (powered) usb device (driver permitting of course).

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