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    Please post some of the Developer sites that have popped up and i will update this top level Thread..

    #webos-internals IRC channel on Freenode a lot of great work is going on here.. --- Currently this is what most people are looking at that are poking around the OS Rom --- Has tutorials / API lists and more! --- preDevCamp is an upcoming not-for-profit gathering to develop applications for Palm Pre using both the Mojo SDK and traditional web standards. The event is currently being planned in over 60 cities around the world.
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    The #webos-internals IRC channel on Freenode is the place where most of the discoveries reported in the ROM thread are actually happening. It's also the place where at least 8 Palm employees (including the Senior Director of Core OS Software) are hanging out and having a great time watching what's happening

    If you want to get the info from the source, check the channel logs at (current day, updated in real time) (previous day's log) (archive of previous days)

    -- Rod (NSLU2-Linux Project Lead and #webos-internals founder)
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