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    As someone who is #$&@! thrilled that my already magnificent phone is now an even more magnificent rooted Linux device, I was wondering if there's a way me to support the developers.

    I'm already using the entirety of my minimal knowledge of Linux and programming to just follow the early dev threads, making the probability of my producing a useful technical contribution a value very nearly approaching zero.

    It occurred to me that if I lived next to one of these guys, I'd bring 'em a pizza, or beer, or caffeine in their preferred format. But that's a bit more challenging when it's an entire band of developers working together from diverse locales.

    So, is there an alternative? Could the technically ignorant but grateful among us come together and recruit donations for some sort of prize? Perhaps a mini-grant to be administered to the dev of the community's choosing? Maybe the Precentral admins would be willing to become involved?

    I'm sure the rest of you have much better ideas. Perhaps you'll share them?
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    Yeah, I'm in your boat. And I'm still waiting a few months to get my more significant 22 month subsidy, so I'm even worse off.

    But like you said, I've been following and pretty much understand what's being done once they've sniffed out things to do. Perhaps you could start a list of guinea pigs, er... beta testers. If you have the courage to try what they suggest and don't mind going through a restore if something fails, that might help. If nothing else it would help them bug test the instructions on the wiki to make sure steps aren't missing.

    Of course, from other forums I've followed for WinMo, it can get messy in the threads if too many people start popping up in the dev thread. Perhaps a beta tester "Pre's for hire" thread would be helpful for them so that it's there, but separate? What say you, devs?
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    i to have been fallowing along and testing what i can. doing enough research from different sources as well as telnet tutorials i have finally implemented one of the hacks... and that is i can make and delete pages in my launcher. the hardest part was figuring out how the vi text editor worked in telenet and getting read write access. but coming from someone with no programing skills and first time telent user i was very much successful. i do have pretty good computer knowledge just not much programing
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    me like beer
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    I'm sure there are tons of us who wish we could help out. Seeing the dev activity is what convinced me to get a pre, so I have plenty of people to thank.
    -typed from my pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by ncoffman View Post
    I'm sure there are tons of us who wish we could help out. Seeing the dev activity is what convinced me to get a pre, so I have plenty of people to thank.
    -typed from my pre
    haha agreed.

    Although, I don't have my Pre yet... It's waiting for me at the Sprint Store... for the next couple of months : /...

    but yeah... I actually just want to learn some basic linux/java coding to build my own apps, or to be able to customize the phone to my own liking. The Devs are what inspired me to do it, but I'd much rather know what to do instead of begging others and waiting for it.

    I think the best thing we can do right now to support them, is to try to learn it so that later on when more people get the Pre and want customizations... the Devs don't have to open up waitlists. >.<

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    You could always see if they need help keeping the wiki organized, and stuff. Maybe make some icons, wallpapers, whatever. There are lots of ways to contribute.

    If you're brave, you can test and confirm stuff, and help write documentation.

    The most important thing to remember is to keep everything within Palm/Sprint TOS. Anything that violates agreements, or intellectual property rights will certainly be looked poorly upon.


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    Definitely help writing documentation would help.

    Like troubleshooting. I just finished enabling the Optware package but I'm confused why my pre doesn't allow telnet access anymore. Nor can I ssh into it.

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