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    Quote Originally Posted by pre_addict View Post
    Firefox did not work for me, Chrome and Safari did.
    Awww man, so lame... This is the reason I got the Firefox Beta...

    *downloads Chrome*

    Btw... can't we pull out the ROM from the webOS doctor and mount that on Chrome? instead of NEEDING a rooted Pre?
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    If you want to include any changes on your Pre you will need a rooted Pre. This approach is only useful for an initial exposure to WebOs programming or development without the device.

    As indicated above, Safari seems to be the best option. Even Chrome has problems with headless applications.
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    Just thought i'd share how I was able to get the framework. Installed the SDK and ran the emulator. Connected with SCP (port 5522) and was able to pull down the /usr/palm directory. Pop it in C:\usr\palm and apps load in Safari.
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