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    A lot of developers have been frustrated waiting to get in the SDK, so I wanted to share a few tips to hopefully give you guys a leg up in the competition.

    And yes, it is a bit of a competition! Chuq (Palm's developer community manager) is very thorough when evaluating Early Access candidates, so the best advice I can give is to submit a really good app idea when you apply. Put some thought into what problem you want to solve and what features of the Pre you want to show off. Fair warning: if the only thing you say is that you'd like to write a twitter app, you will be laughed at and moved to the bottom of the pile (last I heard this was 300-400 applications).

    I also think one of their current limitations is supporting all the questions developers are raising since the documentation isn't complete yet. It would also help your case to craft your application in such a way to present yourself as an asset who will spread knowledge to others.

    He also appears to grant people access in batches, maybe every few weeks or so. So even if you submit a really really good idea, don't feel bad if you don't get in right away.

    There might be a slight advantage towards folks who are signed up for preDevCamp (which I hope you all are, anyway!), but they really are trying to keep it fair for the whole community.

    If you do all this and still don't get in, I wouldn't sweat it. I expect to see the SDK released by the end of the summer, which really isn't bad considering what all they've released (and how secret they've had to be beforehand).
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    Just release it for everybody. We'll figure it out. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by wvdominick View Post
    Just release it for everybody. We'll figure it out. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by wvdominick View Post
    Just release it for everybody. We'll figure it out. :-)
    While true, look in the main forums to see what happens when they release something to everybody. The signal-to-noise ratio skyrockets. *grin*
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    Well I just applied last night, don't hold much hope of getting in as I just found the link by accident but I think my idea is ok, just didn't realise I needed to flesh it out so much.
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    heh yeah. I submitted with a library manager application (e.g. track what books you have at home and what books are on your wish list), but now I kind of wish I submitted the RSS Reader concept instead. Oh well, if I have to wait, that's no big deal.

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