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    Well, of course the video decoder is in low-level code, just pointing out that it is fully possible to create a video player as long as you are okay with the formats it already supports using current APIs, which is what they did for SprintTV and Youtube. There are definitely things you can't do, but like you said, we're a long way away from that, they haven't finished the current SDK or the App Catalog yet. I want developers to have that access too, but I'd settle for a finished version of the current SDK for a while.
    That's my point really. Palm are restricting what developers can write for the Pre by giving them a limited toolset.
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    It won't be long till there is a way to write low level code and replace or add stuff into the root OS package and re flash the phone... Very similar to the way Android un-official builds are being released...

    The whole core is based on the OMAP 3430.. check out Texas Instruments Zoomâ„¢ OMAP34x MDK | Logic

    I think we are all gonna have a good time with this this phone for upcoming low level programmers... (all us programmers I mean) Hehehehe....
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    You know, aside from whatever GUI library they're using, I'd imagine it wouldn't be TOO hard to port native android apps over to the Pre. They're both using linux fer cripe pete. It's just a matter of what libraries webOS uses vs android.
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    you guys might be right. there probably will be hacks to actually program the phone. i just meant it'll be a long time for an official sdk from palm for that stuff.
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    I've been investigating the Pre's limited canvas support as well. I had hoped I could write some simple games with the canvas tag until the SDK is released, but that is looking slimmer and slimmer as I continue to encounter demos that just don't work on the Pre.

    As for converting Android/iPhone apps to the Pre, I don't see how having a low-level API makes that any easier. Its never been an easy task to develop for multiple mobile platforms simultaneously (minus Java/Flash), and I don't see that changing. Nevertheless, on launch day I spoke with a Palm employee who told me they were planning on releasing some tools to make converting iPhone apps to the Pre a much simpler process. I can only hope they release a similar tool for Android apps.

    Is anyone interested in compiling some sort of collaborative list of what you can/can't do in the canvas tag on the Pre currently? I'd rather it be a list of functions/methods etc. than a list of broken demos as we have no way of telling what it was in each demo that made it incompatible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eekfuh View Post
    The people who developed Palm Classic obviously would have to have access to that same lower level sdk.

    It would be easy to tie into lower services with that and I don't think palm would be too happy with people writing to those areas. They'd have to do what Apple have done and basically sandbox applications within the phone that use the lower level sdk.

    Either way I'm all for it though.
    Classic is also one of the few apps I've used that tends to crash the device completely, requiring a restart.
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    Way to bring back a year old thread... I sat here reading about half the thread until I read the timestamps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssul View Post
    Way to bring back a year old thread... I sat here reading about half the thread until I read the timestamps.
    Ha.. People do the thread revival quite a bit too much.

    I saw the first post about "it would be cool if Palm released a low level sdk" and I then looked at the date. I skipped ahead a page and read all the way down (even though it was a year old).
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