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    It's about the only thing that I miss on the Palm Pre. Keycaps was fantastic on all my Treos!
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    I'm such a machead. When everyone says keycaps I think of the original mac OS utility.
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    This should be possible with a patch, right?
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    I'd pay for the app again as well. I say again because I bought it at least 4 times back in the day for different Treos. Of course I still use it on the pre within the Classic app (I call it my PREO).
    It's my most utilized app evar. It is so customizable that u can select how fast or slow u want the double-click to be; to the 1/1000 of a second.
    I also don't understand why it's not standard on a pda.
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    I will pay $5 for Keycaps on WebOS.
    I'm going to bump this thread every week until we get a developer.
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    I'll also contribute to the cause. KeyCaps saved me HOURS a day on my Treos and I'm having a hard time adjusting to my Pre without it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by opietom View Post
    I'll also contribute to the cause. KeyCaps saved me HOURS a day on my Treos and I'm having a hard time adjusting to my Pre without it.
    Count me in too
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    Anyone care to patch....?
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    KeyCap or equivelent would be perfect for Pre, simply by holding a letter a fraction of a second longer a C capital letter appears. It avoids the need to hit the shift key, speeding up typing. Its the only way to go. Was standard on the Tungsten, but the 650 and 755p had the KeyCap hack to restore that functionality. The original developer asked for a $10 donation before. Someone said development might be $2k, so that is just 200 users. Surely there are many more folks looking for this product than that.
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    I'd also buy KeyCaps for the Pre in a heart beat. I wrote to the guy who is maintaining KeyCaps for the Treo to see if he is interested in doing the development. Maybe he is or knows someone who would be.
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    I'd pay!! Please, please, someone take up the cause.
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    Add me to the list of people willing to pay for KeyCaps on the Pre
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    why not even a programer response?
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    I'll pay twice. Please, somebody write the program.
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    I'll pay too. No love?
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    I'd pay a ridiculous sum for Keycaps! As a new Pre+ user, it's THE one thing I miss most about my Treo650.
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    I NEED Keycaps also...

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    It seems someone is working on something similar. It's called KeyBoss. It's in Alpha testing phase.
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    Just got my Pre2, upgrading from a Treo680. Please someone make a stable KeyCaps replacement!
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