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    One reason I won't go iPhone is because Apple controls what applications are released for the iPhone. It appears that Palm won't have strict controls of the distribution but they may be significantly limiting development unless approved by Palm.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but it appears that the public SDK will only allow very high level development in the web space with HTML, javascript and later Flash. That limits a lot of apps that needs closer ties to the OS library. If understand, only certain developers approved by Palm will get lower level access libraries. Is this true?

    A lot of people are looking forward to ports of PalmOS apps like a filemanager (filez/resco explorer), PDANet, open source media players/codecs, the list goes on. Will this be doable by any developer the way Palm has structured development?
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    Found this on SDK compared to iPhone...
    Why the Palm Pre SDK is Better Than the iPhone’s

    Sounds great for web-based apps but w/out low level access to the OS, we may not be seeing very many power user apps like a file manager, optional web browsers, media players, etc. unless the developer is approved by Palm.

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    This is disturbing. Probably no low level access to the OS. Doesn't sound like Palm intends to do this long term. I hope this isn't the case. We probably won't see a filemanager unless Palm themselves releases one.

    Will developers embrace webOS? Interview with Resco. | PDA-247

    So it looks like high level development only for public developers. But will Palm allow low level access even for 'certified' developers? How is this structured? Motion must have been allowed low level access in order to create the Classic emulator.
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    I wouldn't worry about this for now. Based on conversations I've had with various Palm engineers, they've got the right idea about what we need. I think we'll see some form of low level access, but not until they're sure they've nailed the tools for us to do it right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xenophonite View Post
    Found this on SDK compared to iPhone...
    Why the Palm Pre SDK is Better Than the iPhone’s
    That article is complete rubbish. It mixes up discussion of the original iPhone "SDK" we the current one and it tries to argue that javascript is superior to Objective C because more people know it and it is easier to learn.
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