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    Voice recorder
    Skype or other VoIP
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    Video recording (duh).

    Ringer profiles!!! To schedule times when the phone should be on vibrate or when its allowed to ring. This would be invaluable to students. I forget to turn off my ringer when going to class and vice versa when I leave class. It sucks to forget that I had my phone on vibrate and miss calls because of that.

    Oh, also add KeePass to that list.
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    1. FLASH player
    2. ORB
    3 Better email client
    4. Yahoo messenger client intigrated like google sms running all the time
    5. Fully functional facebook application also completly backgroubd intigrated.
    6. More choices in browsers... Can we say "skyfire"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TommyWIllB View Post
    iTunes Remote
    a grocery list
    There's already an Open Table app in the homebrew section...
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    Quote Originally Posted by vantechmag View Post
    And I guess many advanced user NEED a more advanced launcher, or as I wrote...

    16) Finally is the new program launcher, rather limited... You get only three windows, without any helpful category names - like main, games, web favo, friends, settings and extra - you get only a simple I to III style indicator at bottom... But you will probably be able to buy a more advanced launcher, soon... And you can temporary put your 12 main programs (that not is on the quick bar) on the first page, web favo's plus settings on the second and everything else on the last page!

    But just a simple text editor like Notepad would be helpful.
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    Boxee remote if it has not been mentioned yet.
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