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    Quote Originally Posted by bcaroo View Post
    Color coded categories in contacts, calendar function. Yes, I know the business and personal calendar items are different colors but I schedule for myself, my mother and my son in my personal calendar. It is a lot easier for me to differentiate where I have to be by color. My Palm Treo 755p did this very well.
    If you create multiple calendars within your google calendar account, they show up with different colors.
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    Not even sure if its possible, but a Bittorrent program or any type of file sharing program would be awesome!
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    DateBk6! I can't believe all the functionality I lost from my Treo. Basic stuff like being able to put alarms 5 hours before an event or putting an alarm on a task.
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    PowerOne Graph.

    That program is WIN on my Treo 680.
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    sip voip app
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    I'd love something like MAME, multi-system emulation. NES, SNES, Genesis, gameboy advanced, etc.
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    Applications I would love (in order):

    1. Skype (any version at this point)
    2. Adobe Flash
    3. Homebrew (emulators built for the pre)
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    Salling Clicker or equivalent bluetooth clicking software (although it is hard to image one as good as Clicker)
    Salling Software - Home

    If anyone tries this on the Pre using Classic, please followup here.
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    Simple: Basic apps as good as Datebk6, TakePhone, and the Notes app on the Treo (which isn't all the fancy).
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    I'm wondering how difficult it would be to port a python app to the pre... specifically gPodder, which I think already has a Maemo port, so so finger-friendliness built in.
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    Apps I'd like to see:

    MSN Messenger
    My Space
    Sudoku that actually works - current one is awful to play
    Kindle Reader
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    Bad news is that the author has no plans to make an Instapaper client for the Pre. The good news is that he's perfectly fine if someone else wants to make one.
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    For productivity, I'd love:

    PPTP VPN client
    Microsoft Remote Desktop
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    Outlook notes syncing

    WAY more control over the alerts, ringers, etc. I would like to specify custom alerts to profiles for ringer and SMS.

    Also be able to turn alerts on/off based of off day/time settings.. example no voicemail, mail, missed call alerts but yes to SMS alerts during the hours of 10pm to 8am..

    Calendar appointments on the locked screen page so I dont have to open the calendar..
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    1- GBA Emulator (or multiplatform like Morphgear for WM)
    2- File Explorer / Manager (so web downloading can be enabled)
    3- Flash Player 10 (already announced)
    4- Hulu App (why doesnt anyone make this??)
    5- Slingplayer
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    Not sure if it was mentioned already, but a wallpaper changer app, with a configurable cycle timer (ie: new image every x-minutes).

    And a slideshow app, for those with Touchstones and want their Pre to act as a digital frame.
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    Virtual keyboard.
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    An app that will post for twitter, myspace, and facebook updates all at the same time so we don't have to go through all 3 apps/sites
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    I would love to have a nice looking working copy of TiddlyWiki on my pre. Should be easy, but I'm not currently sure how to handle it...

    Best notebook ever, btw.
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