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    Does anyone have the MOJO SDK that would be able to share? I am interested in developing an application and want to see how hard it is. I do some Java development and would love to try to make an app for the Pre. I have sent a message to palm, but I am sure they are swamped with applications. Thanks. PM me please.
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    The SDK has not been released yet. You don't need Java for the device itself. It's all JavaScript/HTML/CSS. If you just want to "see how hard it is" you can take a look at the webOS book (chapter 1 is here: Palm webOS Book from O'Reilly Media (Page 1) - Palm Developer Network).

    You may want to consider buying the RoughCuts if you want to start early.

    Also, you can apply for early access to the SDK here: Palm Developer Network

    There are sites that offer information on what has already been made public about the SDK. One example is webOS tutorials, forums and resources for developers.

    Hope this helps.

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