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    There are still few Jewish apps for the Pre. A lot of us are waiting for a Hebrew siddur (prayerbook) a reader that offers Tanakh (Bible) and Rabbinic Texts etc in Hebrew, and maybe a newsreader or other reader for Hebrew.
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    How about a simple app similar to the iphones shotgun app?
    Not a big deal, just thought it would be cool.
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    A ringtone maker edit tool would be very nice please and thank u....
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    Some sort of download manager...

    Maybe a torrent downloader...

    But, torrent or no torrent, my problems would be solved if there was a way I could resume downloads with something...some of the larger files I download on the Pre end up gettin' stuck at after a while because of my EVDO signal always fading in and out...or, if I happen to get a call while downloading something, the download "fails" and I have to start over...
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    something like "intelliscreen" for the iphone would be great...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maydae23 View Post
    A ringtone maker edit tool would be very nice please and thank u....
    Just go to GoldWave - Audio Editor, Recorder, Converter, Restoration, & Analysis Software and download the free music editor. Import one of your favorite mp3s and extract a 10 second portion of it. Save that portion as an mp3 file and transfer it to your Pre and save it as your ringtone. It's pretty simple, if you need help just let me know.
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