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    Well the forums seem to be working again, but it sure was hard to talk to each other without them. I PMed as many of you as I had in my Inbox, but I figured I'd share more broadly, because it was nice to have an alternative...

    webOS SimpleChat is a light-weight message board for webOS, with a corresponding web log.

    Launch the app, pick a nickname, and starting sending messages to other webOS users in close-to-real-time (refresh delay is configurable, but defaults to 10 seconds.) The service maintains a log, currently set to 100 messages, so even if you're not online, you won't miss messages.
    • Version 0.1.1 - was the initial public release, and was pretty crude. It was easy to accidentally send an incomplete message because of Mojo's weird textbox widget.
    • Version 0.2.0 - adds customizable alert sounds, support for self-hosting the service, and works decently on all webOS devices.
    • Version 0.3.0 - attempts to correct scrolling behavior
    • Version 0.4.0 - community beta for background sync
    • Version 0.4.1 - native background sync and notifications, improvements to scrolling behavior
    • Version 0.4.2 - fixes a background lifecycle issue that interacted poorly with One Night Stand
    • Version 0.5.0 - introduces a content menu for each message, allowing you to copy contents or follow links.

    Right now, it doesn't have a background mode (called a Dashboard in Mojo) so while the app is running, it keeps the device awake to refresh regularly -- keep it on the TouchStone if you want to stay online -- or just check-in periodically, to see what you missed.

    You can also view the chatlog in any web browser.

    If people use it regularly, I'll spend some time on background mode.

    You can download it from App Museum II, in the Revisionist History section, or from the webOS Archive App Catalog on the web.

    Of course everything is open source. Front end is here. Back end here.
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    We've had folks check in on SimpleChat from all around the planet -- Italy, Hungary, England and Poland. Its so cool to see the community alive again...this old Forum seems to be on its last legs.

    Since people are using it daily, I decided to put a little more TLC into it, and interested users can beta test a version that includes Background sync and webOS notifications. For some reason, its not as stage-less as Night Moves...I can't figure out why. But the experience is still pretty nice: its neat to hear my TouchPad chime with activity. It feels alive again!

    If you haven't installed it yet, check it out on the Museum and join the conversation...
    Check out my webOS archival and development projects:
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    0.4.1 - Now with background sync. Thanks beta testers!
    Come chat with us!
    Check out my webOS archival and development projects:

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