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    I remember the good ol' Palm webOS days - those javascript based apps with webOS were fun to make and unique in their regard. I created Whats Shaking and TechTray back in the day........and now they're Web Apps! Enjoy them on any web based device = Android, iOS, Chrome, PC, Windows, mac, linux.

    Just go to and - both can be "add to HomeScreen" (use up arrow in Safari iOS and a similar procedure on the Samsung Browser). For the Chrome browser for desktops and laptops (mac,win,linux,chrome), you can "install" the app as well on the desktop. Perhaps other webOS developers can do the same and bring back some of the classics as Progressive Web Apps (PWA's)

    I don't have a functioning webOS device to see if they would work in the old webOS browser - but if not, just fire up your current internet device to enjoy!
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    Nice job! This is the kind of thing that can stretch out the life of a lot of old devices.

    I gave this a shout out over in CrackBerry's Passport forum too.

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    Remember there are options for the old browser and new browsers available.

    Plus items to upgrade security protocols and integrate Qt5 apps in to webOS.

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