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    Hi All,

    after 5 years of webOS absence in my life, I dug my Pre phones out. Two of them are dead (Pre and Pre 2 have broken glass, drained battery), fortunately my second Pre 2 works fine.
    And now I'm looking for Dead Runner ipk file.

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    OP... If someone has this, we will only allow sharing if it has been released for sharing by the developer.
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    ok thanks for clarification,

    just to avoid any confusion, if I remember correctly it was a free game for webOS and android. Unfortunately is no more available for both platforms.
    I had it on my Pre before I hard reset.
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    It may be on the ftp.
    See this thread for more info

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    there is a lot of interesting stuff,
    thanks MudShark22
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    I haven't been on here much for the last year and am late to this conversation but yes, that IPK is on the ftp.
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    thanks, you're right.
    I was using web browser, and there is no sorting by name, and folders are mixed with files.

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