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    Hello, every now and then preware forgets which Apps, Patches or other packages are installed. I have roundabout 60 packages installed, but preware showed Yesterday only 37.
    Is there an easy way to fix this, without installing every App new? The Apps are still there and working.


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    This is definitely a new kind of issue, I think nobody ever reported something similar. What device are you using ? ( I wonder if the storage space is full or if /var is full )
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    I think I've seen it before. I think you might want to look into AUSMT:
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    I am using a veer on 2.2.4. it is metadoctored. It has roundabout 3GB free space, i don't think thats a problem. Maybe something with the Ausmt Scripts?

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    I am using a veer on 2.2.4, metadoctored. It has 3GB free Space. Maybe it has something to do with the ausmt Scripts?

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