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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    Could the HOSTs file be used as a work around?
    Seems it might be in this case. I thought it would be the browser app trying to validate the URL somehow and failing, however it seems that there's no such validation happening in:
    HP Veer (daily driver), HP Pre 3, HP Touchpad Proper 4G/LTE (Sierra MC7710), HP Touchpad 32GB WiFi, Palm Pre 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by NIN_ru View Post
    Unfortunately my laptop broke and also I won't have time for hobbies when it is repaired. So any changes are postponed for a long time...
    Just to add: Sorry to hear about the computer. I'm glad it can be fixed. You've already warned us that you are going to get busy, but I hope you will keep an eye on progress with webOS / LuneOS. The new browsers are another lease of life for our old phones and your work on them is much appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steffensammet View Post
    this something different. You can use names insteads of IP in your local Network. This is controlled by a DNS Server (you enter this data normally when you enter a Network interface). It works good for stock browser; but unfortunately not for the QT
    Did you try to open raspberrypi page by ip address, just to make sure it's DNS problem? Maybe some authentication is required there, and you can't log in as the dialog is not implemented.
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    accessing via IP works fine ! (but is not convenient)
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    I had to reinstall my Touchpad and found with v101 the font in the URL bar is broken. But I remember one Version where it works. Does somebody have this as a IPK available ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by steffensammet View Post
    I had to reinstall my Touchpad and found with v101 the font in the URL bar is broken. But I remember one Version where it works. Does somebody have this as a IPK available ?
    I could solve the problem. Issue was that I took the supplemental files from somewhere and updated only the IPK for QTwebbrowser. After also updating the supplemental files, everything worked as before.
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    I'm trying to add Qt WebBrowser as an option to open links from the Macaw 2018 twitter client. Does it support being launched from another app, and passing a URL to open?
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    It's not supported currently; not sure when I'll be able to add this as I'm in the process of slow migration from failing hdd drive.
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    Check out the plugins for your Pre3: Clipboard integration now available.
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    Version 1.0.2

    • Downloading support
    • "Android" User Agent for small screens (mobile view)

    Update can be installed via preware feed (using SSL workaround), or ipk is available here.
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    There's something funny.
    on the Pre3 ( using preware ) it updated as expected
    on the Go ( using preware ) it updates and keeps offering to update to 1.0.2
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    I tried to update the qtwebbrowser to 1.0.2, the qt5sdk 1.0.2 and the qt5qpaplugins 1.0.3 on my Pre3 and my 64GB Touchpad and screwed the browser on both devices.
    How can I remove all ipks and start from new?
    Do I have to delete folders using
    The preware feed I tried to use is "" but I get error messages on both systems with "no cache"
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    Check post #67 in this thread, it might help :
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    Dear Gazaud, thank you for your support.
    I tried the procedure several times and I always end up with the following error.

    Verifying no existing modifications to target files ...
    Verification failed on /usr/bin/jailer
    Device jailer files are not in factory condition, refusing to install replacement

    I even tried deleting the jailer and replacing it from a different touchpad. Nothing helps.
    Do you have any suggestions?
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