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    I am working as electronic automation technician we are working in industry where humidity is major issue and we are not able check, whenever this happen, due to which some technical fault occurs, so we wanted to build an app which give the reading form temperature and humidity sensor using Arduino MKR1000
    As a beginner these are some of specification where I need your suggestion:

    - How to link the application through MySQL cloud database to post the readings to cloud,
    - Using sensor database to create the strategic dashboards with bargraphs as well as line graph
    - post the data one time and use the database and clone the dashboards data according to present database.
    - Make automatic web Popup menu which share the the critical notification if temperature readings will not be with in the range
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    You don't mention why webOS would be in your stack and I can't think of a good reason it should be, so if webOS is not a requirement I think this tutorial will get you mostly there: Save Data of Temperature and Humidity on MySQL With Arduino Uno and Wifly
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    Maybe wade43 wants to make the app with Enact or Enyo?

    I suppose it might run on an RPi with webOSOSE or it could be a cross-platform phone app.

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