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    Webos App Museum

    metaview_2018-14-05_221639 (2).png

    What it is not
    The webOS App Museum is NOT a store. Please let that sink in: NOT a store. It's also not an archive of apps. The webOS App Museum doesn't store any apps.

    So what is it?
    It's a museum. It shows which apps we used to have. As said, we do not provide apps ourselves. But if you have archived them, you can link using FTP. If you want to do this you will need to have Preware installed as this is used to download and install the IPK files.


    Download location

    The current App is optimized for the Touchpad but has also been tested to work with Pre3 but with limited performance.

    Additional settings
    Images are hosted on Palm's CDN as it is still working. This does, however, mean that you will have to edit your hosts file to access the images. You will need to add the following to your hosts file (and chances are, you already have):

    More info:

    User Interface
    The user interface of the App Museum is derived from the old Palm App Catalog with some changes and additions. With categories on the left side, the applications in the middle and a description of the selected application on the right.
    Apps we know are archived, are marked with an orange card.
    You can bookmark apps for a later time.
    The search-bar does not, at this time, support live-search. So you will need to hit Enter before a call is made to the backend. On the Pre(3), the search-bar is hidden until you use the keyboard while the second view is active.
    The 'more apps' button will show you all other apps by the currently selected vendor.


    In the settings you can change some general settings, making the icons big and small and resetting to default values. Configure the archive location connecting to your personal FTP and advanced features that help with performance (especially in the Pre3).

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    Took a small bit but i've finally installed it.
    It's a really well made job.
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    Thanks a lot, I'll try it.
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    Already used it quite few times for research.
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    Wow, nice little app...

    Btw. do any of you get any images downloaded? I already made the hosts hack but nope.

    Also is there a source code available? I am thinking about a little feature expansion to make the app discover the available versions of programs. Currently even if I happen to have archives of programs, the versions in the museum mostly differ from the versions in the archive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tylla View Post
    Wow, nice little app...

    Btw. do any of you get any images downloaded? I already made the hosts hack but nope.
    I see pictures.


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