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    android is finally coming to web OS. watch the link

    [APP][7.0] Parallel Windows for Nougat - ent… | Android Development and Hacking

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    I don't really understand. Split screen Android apps? You mean Android now has multi-tasking? I thought the major mobile OSes had this for a while. I can see split screen (which webOS doesn't do) can be useful in some cases - though mobile screen size will impose limits.

    I wonder if LuneOS could allow a 'side by side' card view? Using twin portrait views in landscape might be the simplest approach.

    I looked at the post on the TouchPad. I idly tapped the Youtube video & it played! Tried full screen too. Does this work for anybody else? I wonder why? I'll try the phone...

    Hmmm seems not. I'm reminded that the page goes blank after loading. I used my little trick of reloading & stopping it when the content appears, but before the load finishes - I guess this prevents some unsupported scripts from running. Maybe there's a detection script that runs and blocks the content. Maybe no detection allows the video to play? I should stick this bit in a Youtube thread...
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    Will it work on all android mobile phones?
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    is that even possible ! i mean it would really lag if some phone has low processor strength
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