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    I recently re-installed my touchpad, and as part of that I installed my backed-up version of KalemSoft Mediaplayer. It worked perfectly fine, but after a while I noticed that the app wouldn't play video's when I wasn't connected to the internet.

    I contacted Kalemsoft about this, and it turned out that this was part of the licensing system they used (since I had bought the app through Palm's Catalog). However, they also said:

    if you can forward your proof of purchase from HP app store to, we can move your license to our system. You will need to delete your copy and instead install and activate it from our website following the instructions here:
    So I emailed it to them, and they transferred my license to their own system, and (after installing the version from their website) the app is working as intended again.

    I asked their permission to share this information with the community, and they said that I was welcome to do so. It's good to see companies still supporting their software (and us).
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    The link doesn't work ...?

    Found it:
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    Quote Originally Posted by poehoes View Post
    The link doesn't work ...?

    Found it:
    it works. alrato attempt'll let my child to school

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