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    Quote Originally Posted by bbjoe41 View Post
    Can anyone help me find the phnx Twitter client ipk. In the archived apps

    I cant download the entire folder now & search isn't the best on box
    The best way to install this is to add minego's feed in preware.

    Add this feed in manage feeds:
    name minego
    is compressed yes

    Then refresh the feeds and you will be able to install the latest version of project macaw right from preware.
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    Is there still a running tethering-app?

    Thanks in advance!
    - still loving webOS -
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alibamboo View Post
    Is there still a running tethering-app?

    Thanks in advance!
    FreeTether from Preware still works quite well. If you have a Pre3 you also need the app "FreeTether Cleaner" so you don't have to reboot before you can run FreeTether a second time.
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    I'm lokking for the Auctionmate App 2.0.5 (com.preciouscoders.pre.auctionmatepro_2.0.5_all.ipk) but can't find it in the ftp directory.

    Can someone help?

    And last but not least: Happy new year!
    - still loving webOS -
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    I just now saw that you put it on a ftp-server. That's great, way easier to download just what you want, and no searcherino through (I believe it was) 77 sites
    I was trying to download woodenigma from here but I can't log in there. Is this what the hacking was about?
    Anyway, this is how I came here again. Is there a way to find out what (for example) games are out there? A list or something?
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    please, can someone tell a newbie how one installs all of these great apps? I have tried to glean a method from various threads, but being totally new to webos (just bought a Veer off eBay) and not super techy, I'm not sure what to do. I can't tell if I need to plug the Veer into my computer and drag some files somewhere or do I need special software, or can I do the installing of these ipk files directly from the Veer without a desktop? I'm sorry this is a pretty basic question, but there is no one else to ask! Many thanks.
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    Welcome, newbie.

    To install apps on webOS these days, it's a little techie, but not too bad.

    I won't detail it all here, but, in order -

    1. If your Veer didn't come with a USB cable, get one - you'll need it.

    2. Google 'webOS developer mode'

    3. Google 'webOS quick install'

    4. Google 'webOS preware'

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