Found this by chance, and a search of spiderspeak here gave 0 results so...

Un pack d'applications payantes désormais gratuites

The apps in the archive are

-Elements is the periodic table of elements containing information about each

-Find Food attempts to find a restaurant of a specific type near you

-Find Me attempts to find your current address

-Find Nearby allows you to enter a search term and find it near you

-GPS Utilities is an amalgam of most of the other apps in this repo that utilize GPS on your webOS device

-MyGPS is a utility that will give you your current lat/long, heading, altitude, speed, and several other options

-MySafe is an attempt at adding a password protected app that utilizes encryption. You can store only text in it.

-Save my spot will save your current location so you can find your way back later

-Smartlist allows you to create several kinds of lists

-Tire size calculator will let you enter in different information about your car and will calculate how far off the speedometer will be if you change tire sizes or gearing ratios.

-Track me will log your lat/long at different intervals

-Ubercalc is a utility app that contains conversions for just about any metric. It also contains a lease calculator, sales price/tax calculator, tip calculator, and the tire size calculator.

-Utiliphone is a utility app that contains things like a stopwatch, flashlight, strobe light, level, timer, random number generator, and a ruler.