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    Just recently, when I try to play Freecell by Softick 3.0.9, it will play awhile and then screen goes blank, browser screen comes up with following url. "' " It probably goes on but that's all I can see. I get rid of browser, freecell with blank screen is there. I get rid of this, and bring up freecell again and game comes up where I was when it went crazy. It will play for a short time and repeats this action. What is going on? Do I have some type of viris or is something else going on? Any idea how to stop. This is on my touchpad 16gb. This also happens on my 32gb 4g touchpad.
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    it's probably trying to get an advertisement and not failing gracefully.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frantid View Post
    it's probably trying to get an advertisement and not failing gracefully.
    My thoughts as well. Might be an idea to "tweak" your hosts file to block this ad serving host
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herrie View Post
    My thoughts as well. Might be an idea to "tweak" your hosts file to block this ad serving host
    You say that like there's a little hatch on the back of the device, we open it, and grab the big red knob that says "dead ad servers" and we turn it from + to - .

    Lol I'm only joking at expense of my own ignorance, i just wish i had such fine "tweaking" skills!
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    where is hosts file located in touchpad.
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    Tip: Edit Your Hosts File for Access to Old Palm Servers | pivotCE

    The standard location for Linux systems is in the /etc/ folder. So, if you open Internalz Pro and it's showing your /media/internal/ folder, then you tap the ".." folder at the top a couple of times to get to the root directory (Master mode on for navigating system folders). The 'etc' folder will be 4th from the top. Open it and scroll down to find the 'HOSTS' file.

    Well, it seems I have an updated file & it is partly based on the listing from Win Help. This file is still updated (you can put yourself on a mailing list), so you can upgrade it yourself. Note that the HOSTS file was used to list servers on networks before DNS servers came into use, so although that site concerns windows systems, the HOSTS file will work on most modern systems (file locations differ slightly) and will over-ride DNS listings.

    You can see from the article at the top that the HOSTS file was modified to maintain access to parts of the HP servers after the shutdown. Links started to go nowhere, but the material was still out there on an active server. In the HOSTS file, the address is changed to the correct IP address.

    There is a special IP address, which is If you use this address, the request goes nowhere, so this is used as a method for blocking certain sites.

    You could try:
    Or block the entire server ( However, if your app is having trouble due to connection problems, your own blocking efforts may not solve the problem. You can disable entries in the file (if certain blocks cause wider problems) by placing the comment symbol at the start of the relevant line. This symbol in the HOSTS file is #
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    On a whim, I turned the wifi off, and my problem disappeared.
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    Hahaha, simplest solution ever, and all of us trying think up other workarounds.

    Love it!

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