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    Hey guys! So I did end up getting my Pre 2 set up thank you to everyone!

    I noticed that theres no way to use the integrated Facebook app as of right now (at least, I don't think so?) but would it be possible to port Facebook for Every Phone over?

    I used to use it on my Razr V8 before I got the pre and it actually worked fairly well, the chatting functionality was at least better than the webapp (and hey, gotta get more icons in the app drawer!)

    I used to have a download link from a dropbox style thing but I can't find it... getting from the official source is also somewhat vexing.

    But anyway, its just a general purpose Java redistribution of Facebook- there was a Java runtime in the works for WebOS wasn't there? Anybody have any ideas?

    Anyway, Here is the link to the Facebook app page
    And here is the link to the info page with a download link... which doesn't appear to work

    Also, for any Devs- this could be an in to a way to get FB chat working on WebOS if anybody still wants that. The app does have a basic notification system while its active, and it supports just about everything regular chat does (inc. stickers)
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    chomper made a jvm, a few years ago. There were 2 releases of it, if I'm not mistaken... I can dig the ipk, if you want to give it a try

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