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    Hi fellow webOS lovers,

    I'm looking for a functioning instant messenger to send and receive messages from the Veer to my Android device, since my girlfriend's phone broke and I'm lending her my old (but functioning) Veer.

    What I've tried:
    Skype: Can't receive any message from both ends.
    Google: Can't log in, says bad request. Grabber's Google patch installed

    Thanks for all replies
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    Skype still works for me, both calls and messages, on my Veer 2.2.4. Sometimes, I do show some people to be "offline" when they are actually online, but the messages still go through.
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    Since you have 2.2.4 on your Veer, Frantid's OAuth patch should allow you to get Google chat working. Pay very close attention to the instructions, and remove my patch (which I think finally no longer works due to Google API changes).
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    I'm in the same situation. My wife buyed a Lumia this weekend and find a compatible messaging app has turned almost impossible.

    For now we're using Skype and mail. Skype on my Pre3 is working ok but on the WP no (hahaha!!). When she exits the app seems that WP kills the process and disconnects her from Skype, no background process at all. It's a shame but we're working on that.
    I've seen some apps for GTalk on WP and yesterday I tried the messaging plugin for synergy that was published some years ago. It has ICQ (uo!!) but it's not working, it says "incorrect password" all the time although password and account are right...

    I've tried to contact the developer of the messaging plugin and if I've free time I 'll take a look but couldn't promise nothing.

    Anyone has been lucky with ICQ plugin?
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    other possibility aim of palm and im + on Android , It works on my palm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luigi Paternostro View Post
    other possibility aim of palm and im + on Android , It works on my palm
    Thanks for the tip

    I tried IM+ some time ago. It was ok, a bit buggy but well.. better than nothing. IM+ is my last bullet, first I want to explore all the other options and if I can perhaps try to fix the messaging plugin for at least make ICQ work again.

    IM+ it's also available for WP but as I said I'll try another options more "webos friendly"
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    The one time I tried IM+, Google thought someone was trying to hack my account. I never figured out whether it was a coincidence or it just didn't like the way IM+ tried to log me in.
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    It's a bit off topic but finally we've installed IM+ on my wife's lumia and works ok. We're on the move again

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