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    When I tried to do a two-way sync btw outlook 2007 and PRE3 the contact database became very corrupted (it worked better oneway from outloook).
    So I uninstalled/removed account and .appdata db for companionlink.
    I cleaned up the remaining contacts from FB and installed Companionlink again. (A issue after the cleaup of the remaining FC-contacts is that many of them still have a numberindication that 1 or more contacts are linked to it - why? and how can that be cleaned)

    I did a sync but nothing got synced to the PRE3.

    So I removed the Companionlink again and when I now try to create the account again it fails with the attched screenoutput.

    I’ve done it over and over again with the same result. And when I look with Impostah I see the three entrys in Keystore (attached in the screenshots) starting with the ++-sign and wonder how to know where they belong and if I can delete any of them to possibly solve my issues?
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