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    this app was made about a year ago when I was on holidays at the sea and wanted to watch sunsets. I was a little disappointed that I always had to leave my building and wait for a GPS connection to get sunset calculations with the apps I had with me. And no mercy if you already knew your location - you had to wait and hope that you have a quick connection.

    So I decided to make an app where you can store different locations in a database. So you can calculate sunrise and sunset without any GPS or internet connection (if you already know your position). Of course it is possible to get your location with GPS, too.

    How to use it:

    While running the app for the first time you will be asked if you want to store 27 locations around the world in your database. (Maybe you like to know when there is sunrise tomorrow in Reykjavik, Iceland). If you don't want this, tap "Cancel" and you will start with an empty database.

    To enter a new location tap "Add". Enter the name and the coordinates of the location. To get GPS coordinates tap on the GPS button. Tap "Add" to add the location to your database.

    Tap on a record of your database to get the calculated times of sunrise, sunset and solar noon of your selected location on the current day. You can chose other days on top of the results. If you have selected a record of a location on the other side of the world, time and date of the results help to find out whether the sun has already risen or whether this will happen the next day.

    Below are a few pictures. I hope the app is listed soon in App Gallery | webOS Nation
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    Is there a way to set this app to open on the second view with a default location? I'm guessing not without a bit of reprogramming! ;-)

    I think the ideal would be to have an additional scene that would be like a 'speed dial' list. The top entry would be the default location (usually your home). (variable? 0 / Favourite / Default)

    The user could then set a preference to open at the information screen for the default location, the favourites ('speed dial') scene or the full location selection scene.

    It's only one click through to the output at the moment, so it's a minor thing, but I currently have only one location set and my guess is that users will usually have a short list of common locations. Of those, their 'home' location will be most frequently referenced, as anyone will have to travel a large distance before sun rise and set times are significantly affected.

    It's just an idea. If the code is available, I'd be tempted to try to do this myself and learn something.
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    I really like your idea. To keep it simple for me I added a home button in the list view for getting quick access to one location. The home location can be defined in the edit view of the location.
    Besides I found an error that made it impossible to edit entries. You can download the new release here.
    (Checksums: b61c94c2b72621a5715653c9a48dc33c (md5), f5db81863ba4e399ce04e92fa56f241778ff7542 (sha1))
    This version can be installed without deleting the old version.

    Of course you can do your own codings. The easiest way to get the code is to unpack the ipk-file e.g. with 7zip. There is no hidden code, so it is possible to go this way.
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