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    Since the first publishing this app has had some major changes. Please read the description on the app gallery.


    here is another app I'm already using for a year now as a great fan of german "Bundesliga" (soccer). Hockey or other sport events with goals or points are possible, too. I don't think a translation of this app is necessary because it fetches data of a german sports website, so I think only german webOS users might use this. If there are international users interested in this app, just leave a note

    General description
    The app runs in background in the notification area and fetches match results from internet (ARD Live-Ticker) regularly all 60 seconds. At the beginning and end of a match there is vibration and a whistle sound. If the match result changes there is vibration and a goal call. You can view all events on the lock screen without having to unlock your device.

    TorAlarm will prevent your device from sleeping. If you forget to close the app after the match by wiping the notification out of the screen your battery will be empty some time earlier than you are used to it.
    But TorAlarm doesn't seem to use much resources. I really never had any problems even when running this app for five hours (three matches in a row).

    Details (see pictures below)
    1. The app starts with a notification symbol and an empty stage (toralarm01.png)
    2. Tap on the symbol. Then tap on the little gear on the right to open the settings stage (toralarm02.png)
    3. Edit the tid-value and insert the tid of the ticker you like to watch (toralarm03.png). You can get it by looking into the URL of your browser when you open an event listed on Tickervorschau - Live - For example if you like to follow the U21-European Championship between Germany and Portugal this saturday you have to insert 2589.
      There are some additional input fields which were intended to make this app really flexible for multiple services but this was too difficult for me. Please leave the other fields as they are. You might change the field with the update interval of 60 seconds to another value you like. but 60 seems a good value for me.
    4. After storing the settings the app will completely close and you have to start it again. Wait for about two update intervals until all values are loaded. After this you can tap on the notification area and look for match results. On the left side you can tap on the triangle to tap through all the matches of the ticker you're following (on "Bundesliga" you might have 9 matches running at the same time).
      If the match has not begun yet, you will see no result at the right side (toralarm04.png)
    5. If the match is already over you will see a result in white colour (toralarm05.png)
    6. If a match is running at the moment you will see a result in orange colour (toralarm06.png)
    7. You can see all results on the lock screen without unlocking the device (toralarm07.png)
    8. If a goal is scored you will have a notification at the lock-screen for 60 seconds (toralarm08.png) - depending of the update interval you have set in the settings scene.
    9. If you tap on the world icon in the notification area the website of the ticker is loaded so you can read further information (toralarm09.png)

    On phones you can wipe the empty stage out of the screen without problems (toralarm01.png). If you do this on a TouchPad it will probably cause a luna reboot. To prevent this tap on the gear icon in the notification area and press the red button (Abbrechen / Cancel). This will close the stage without a reboot.

    Tapping on the little triangle at the lock screen to skip through all running matches isn't always successful. Sometimes you have to tap several times until it works.

    I have no idea how to solve both problems (
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    If you get advice on the problems, will you submit this to the app gallery?

    Added here:
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    I doubt that the problems will be solved since I could verify them with Twitter Monitor.
    If someone knows a Mojo app that is running without a stage maybe there would be a chance to find out what causes the reboot on the Touchpad.

    What would I have to do to submit an app to the app gallery? I didn't find a description so far.
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    Yesterday 2. Bundesliga started, so I had enough data to test a new version of my app to be ready for the start of Bundesliga and Champions League Seasons 2015/2016

    What's new in version 1.2.0:

    • App starts now always with the settings page. This way there will be no luna restarts with Touchpad because of an unloaded stage. Besides it is now possible to change settings without rebooting the app like in earlier versions.
    • There is an english version and a german translation. Champions League might be interesting for European users outside Germany. Had some problems with English soccer vocabulary - so if there are mistakes, feel free to give me a hint.
    • I like colours in the notification area, so I used more and colored icons now.

    I made an upload with some screencaptures to the app gallery. Last time it was available very quick...
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    while I'm trying to build access for other leagues in Europe, I was very surprised on Wednesday that my app wasn't running any more on the first matchday of Champions League. This is caused by a relaunch of the tickers-site of
    So I used the rest of the week to find the new "triggers" to get the app working again. I will do some testings while Bundesliga is running this afternoon and will make some new screenshots (notification of half-time will be supported now).

    But the main point is:
    I think, I should rename this app. I noticed few days ago that there is already a company in Germany offering an app for iPhone and Android using both names already. So I decided to rename my app into Goooal and Toooor.

    It is technically possible to edit the title on the app catalogue. But should I do so?
    Or is it better to submit it as a new app?
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    Update of the app is ready and published in the App Gallery. The app is renamed into Goooal - Toooor.

    New feature: Half-time notification
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    Is 3. Bundesliga possible as well?
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    This is not possible at the moment - I'm sorry.

    But I'm working on recognition of the livetickers of, which might be ready in a few weeks. Then all matches on Fußball Livescores vom Donnerstag, 24.09.2015 will be possible, but only as single matches (not the whole matchday as with I found 3. Bundesliga matches on (e.g. 1. FSV Mainz 05 II - Hallescher FC, 3. Liga, Saison 2015/16, 11.Spieltag - Spielinfo). So I think this wil be possible.
    I'll post here as soon as the update is ready
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    I didn't get the last version to work - I'll try this one. Is it possible to get Premier League, Ligue1 and the Swedish Allsvenska League?


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    Not yet - I'm sorry.
    At the moment Goooal can only be used for matches found on
    But I'm already working on an update to support matches on Seems like Premier Leage, Ligue1 and Allsvenska League will be supported then. (At least one match at the same time in the first step).
    The new version might be ready in about two or three weeks
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    Wow! Thanks for your effort!


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    Wow, if thats true, you made my DAY!!!
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    after some days of testing it seems that the new version (1.3.0) is running. Now is supported and this brings access to matches on leagues all over the globe.
    E.g. Allsvenskan League, Ligue 1, Premier League and 3. Bundesliga

    In every of these cases tap on the tiny i-icons on the right side of the matches. This will lead you to the ticker site. You have to insert the URL of the selected ticker site into the field of the settings stage to start notifications with Goooal.

    If you like to have an overview of the supported leagues tap on the list of live matches of next saturday
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    I did a try on the but no goalalerts came through.


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    Hi, I have to admit that it isn't easy to use the app for the first time. You have to get used how the valid URLs for matches can be found and how they have to look like.

    So I would guess that the URL you used wasn't valid. Could you send me the URL you inserted into the settings page so I can check it?

    To check if there will be notifications you should tap on the little ball-icon in the notification bar as soon as you have tapped on the save button of the settings stage. The message should change from "Loading ticker..." to "Goooal is running!" within a minute (see attachments). If it stays on "Loading ticker..." more than one minute the selected URL is probably wrong.
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    I never got the "running"-status, so I probably did something wrong. I took the URL from the "info" and pasted it into Gool.


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    sorry - my fault
    I thought I had found a marker in my tests that is set in all matches to find the end of the result. But on your example the marker couldn't be found. So I made an update (1.3.1) in the app gallery and hope that the new marker can be found in all matches

    If you update your app and test with you actual settings you should see the result of your match (...too late...)
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    The version is still 1.3.0 and not loading.

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    Oh boy...
    I can remember not having uploaded the new file.
    I hope I can upload the new version this evening.
    Thanks (and sorry) in advance for your patience...
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