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    I know i saved all my apps with the nodelete-ipk, but for some reason i have no backup for Spotify. I do have a premium account but now i can't listen anymore ...

    Anyone saved it?
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    I have it. PM me if you like
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    If you are installing Spotify on the Touchpad or the Go, you'll want to follow these directions to make it work:

    Want to install Spotify on your HP TouchPad? - Engadget

    Worth the two minutes it takes. You'll need Internalz Pro to copy the files around. You'll also need to restart your device to get all of the changes to load properly. A Luna restart is not sufficient.

    There's also a Spotify HD patch here:
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    And on the Pre3?

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    No problems on the Pre3

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    The problem (for me) on the Pre 2 was that on first use, the logon screen would flicker and continuously 're-expand' into the card. Somehow I managed to copy and paste the ID & password into it, after which it was fine. The behaviour is the same on the Pre3 and I can't be bothered to do it again. I'm surprised if I'm the only one to have experienced this & if I am, perhaps there's some tweak/patch common to both phones that is making a conflict here.

    If anyone wants to look at the code... I'd guess it will be where the app detects that it is not logged in and presents the login screen. It looks like it is in a loop like, "check for login, If not, present login screen. check for login..." etc.

    (just checked, and it acts the same if data is off)

    I'll have to try these instructions for the TP and see what happens there

    I'm inclined to link to these instructions on the service pack list as Spotify is a popular service.
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    The flickering bit you're describing is what happened on the Touchpad if you didn't install the files in the supplemental locations as noted in the link above. You have to restart the Touchpad to get the flickering to stop once the files are re-placed. It wasn't the HD/full-screen patch that fixed the flickering bit, if I remember correctly.

    On the Pre 3 I used for a bit, I never had the flickering problem. I'm impressed you were able to load your ID and password anyway. I never could, without working the fix as above.
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    Great! I was hoping those patches were a fix, but I've never seen the issue mentioned elsewhere. It seemed odd that the issue appeared unique to me, although it was possible that some other patch on both phones was causing a conflict.

    Also strange that the problem was on the Pre2... except I suppose the spotify app may have been originally written for webOS 1.x devices, so maybe the issue was from 2.x onwards?

    Spotify still list the Palm app on their site (with a broken link to the HP app catalog of course!). I'll consider contacting them. Maybe they'll host it themselves or even consider endorsing the updates here?
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    I never had a problem until my latest frankenpre. I had trouble signing in because it would freeze up the phone. It fixed itself somehow

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    My touchpad and palm pre 3 both have spotify installed, but I recently found that neither work,

    They both contain the playlists, and I can log out and in but all search functions and play functions say "Search is unavailable while offline" or "Streaming requires an active connection to Spotify"

    Any ideas?
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    Known issue. And it's unclear if it's fixable. Spotify changed something. Maybe it just needs the login system patched, but I don't think anyone knows what was changed yet.
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    Known issue. And it's unclear if it's fixable. Spotify changed something. Maybe it just needs the login system patched, but I don't think anyone knows what was changed yet.
    You can always get the latest Android APK and use some decompilation tools like dex2jar to get the Java code and see if you can find hints of the API calls used and compare those with the ones used in the webOS app. I suspect they moght have done an API upgrade like many others in the past (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) which might have broken things. I don't have an Spotify acccount myself to test.

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