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    Does anybody know where I can find either the TuneIn or Pandora apps? I'm a new user to a HP Veer, which I like a lot, and I can't seem to find either app anywhere. I tried logging in to Pandora from the web browser, but it directs me to download their app, which doesn't exist.
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    Did you check the app catalog here? There are a lot of radio apps. Apollo app is an interface to Pandora, but I am not sure if it works on the Veer. If you can not find it I am sure someone can get you the ipk file of a free app.
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    Unfortunately none of the radio apps seem to work. There are a few shoutcast apps, but I couldn't get any of them to play any of the shoutcast streams. And none of the other radio apps will download (all send me to a dead link from the app catalog). And I can't find "Apollo" anywhere. The only Apollo that I in the app catalog is a game for the Apollo moon landing.

    If anyone has a working TuneIn that they could send or post, that would be perfect.
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    TuneIn seems to work here on Veer in NL. Can login and it loads stations + can play. It's version 1.1.3

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    TuneIn works currently for me in my Pre3 and Pixi Plus, do not see it should not work on the Veer (version 1.1.3).
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    Err.... wasn't 1.0.2 the version of tunein on the app catalog ?
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    I can confirm Tune-In version 1.1.3 (Radiotime) working on Veer 2.2.4
    I also have a working Shoutcast/Icecast radio app called Internet Radio (free from app catalog), if anybody wants it.
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    Here are my 2 favorites. Slacker and Pandora.



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    Please make efforts to make this apps available for webOS and LuneOS users in the future.
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    Can anyone confirm whether the official Pandora app is still connecting and playing? I had 2 Pixi's start hanging indefinitely at the spinning circle when Pandora loads. Didn't find Pandora mentioned in the zombie app thread though.
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    It's still working fine on this FrankenPre2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    It's still working fine on this FrankenPre2.
    Thanks, I'll dig a little deeper then. If anybody has experience the symptom I described, share your thoughts!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchonAdvisors View Post
    Thanks, I'll dig a little deeper then. If anybody has experience the symptom I described, share your thoughts!
    Are those Pixis running 1.4.5 or a meta 2.x?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    Are those Pixis running 1.4.5 or a meta 2.x?
    Both are running 1.4.5. Dev mode was on since installing Preware but otherwise pretty stock. No overclock or really invasive patches that I'm aware of. The internet connection appears to be otherwise working. Pandora has worked under this configuration in the past which is what leaves me without much direction where to look, especially without an error message.
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    No Pandora messages in Lumberjack? I suspect some of its internal data got corrupted. I just installed it on a fresh 1.4.5 Pre and it's working fine there too. I'd uninstall and reinstall it.
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    Reinstall is definitely the next step.
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    I have a working version of Apollo on the Veer, if anyone is interested.

    Send an email to jake.morrison24 [at] gmail [dot] com. and I'll invite you to the Dropbox group.
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    i'll put what i've learned here too...

    Pandora is cracking down on 3rd party apps and our ability to bypass their ads. They will flag your account if they recognize a 3rd party app. They were aware i was using Apollo specifically. The flag causes tracks to be only 42 seconds long and no audio.

    i've experienced the issue with one email that uses apollo and the other email which uses the pandora palm app. They BOTH started doing the 42 second thing, so they may be flagging their own app because it exhibits the same behavior of not playing ads. When I contacted them, they gave me the one finger salute, AKA "we don't support webos".

    If your app kicks back enough errors with playing ads, it may start doing the 42 second thing also. I don't know how to avoid it yet. So pissed at them right now.

    Ironic that my PC using Firefox and ABP will play without ads all night. It did the 42 second thing once, and two "it's our fault, please reload" dialog box instances. Switching stations overcame it. Too bad I can't carry my laptop around on a motorcycle.

    fyi: pandora plays on TPad in the browser now, but with ads. But phones identifying as Palm are victims of the ancient redirect page.
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    I see some familiar names in this thread…thanks to all. Exactly how can I get Tunein installed on a brand new (!) Pre2?

    I own a Pre- with the app.
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    Both Pandora and TuneIn are working on my verizon Pre2 running 2.1

    Quote Originally Posted by josephandrews222 View Post
    Exactly how can I get Tunein installed on a brand new (!) Pre2?
    I should have the ipk saved. PM me with your email and I will send it over.
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