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    I've only ever used the Pandora app to listen to that service on my webOS devices. When I opened it a few minutes ago the app presented me with an error message of "Sorry, I'm unable to connect to" I was surprised by this, but thought maybe there was a connectivity error with my WiFi. I didn't have a SIM in the Veer on which this happened, so WiFi was the only data connection available. Sure enough, connection was fine, but curiously I couldn't even get to load in the browser.

    I tried turning on network time and network time zone in the clock app, as noted as a potential solution in another thread. That didn't work, at least not on its own. After inserting a SIM card, the app started working normally again. For some reason I still can't get the browser to go to I get the error "Unable To Load Page Pandora Internet Radio - Listen to Free Music You'll Love Error loading page. [110]".

    It seems that for some reason Pandora is checking that the device attempting a connection to its service has a SIM, or perhaps is checking for a cellular data connection for some reason. All I'm certain of is that before inserting the SIM, got a connection error in the Pandora app, which went away with the SIM inserted. To be clear, it's an active SIM on the Cricket network (an AT&T subsidiary).

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    Maybe something is going on. NewsG and Spotify have stopped working for me. NewsG just spins and when I try to play a track its says connection to spotify required. Regular browsing is fine

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    I created a new thread to discuss the recent issues with Spotify.
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    Related to your issue with Pandora - I can't remember anymore what app it was, but I've had a similar issue where an app would not work properly if the phone didn't have a sim in it or had been in airplane mode for a long time. They must be wanting to read the phone radio's id and that isn't available in those cases. In my case, briefly taking the phone out of airplane mode or insterting a sim would resolve it, and the app would then work without a sim again.
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    Confirming Pandora NOT working on my Veer with unprovisioned sim. (Pre2 cdma IS working fine)

    ALSO cannot reach their website through the browser. Two different errors: "unable to verify certificate" and "error loading page", depending on what Pandora page i try to access.

    Seems they really want to lock us out. Jerks. Could this be expired cert issue?


    I just confirmed Pandora works on my Tpad, which doesn't have a sim. It ALSO WORKS IN THE BROWSER.
    THIS is important because somehow it works rather than redirecting like the phones do.

    There must be a way to circumvent this. What does the Tpad browser have to enable the connection, that the phone browser does not? I'm certain this is a device identity issue as they try to stop us from listening commercial free. We must be able to patch an identity spoof.
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    I don't think there is any attempt to block webOS phones happening here. It's working just fine on my devices. I haven't tried it on a Veer recently, but if it's running 2.1.x, that version does have some https issues. I have some gsm phones that haven't had a sim installed in a while that I'll check when I get home.

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    It took me a while to find my post, but I finally tracked it down. It looks like a similar, if not the same, issue was reported by another user last year. (that may be the thread you mentioned). The network time doesn't work without a SIM on the phones, so her phone must have had a SIM in it or that wouldn't have worked. From my post, it looks like it was the app catalog that was giving me trouble - it doesn't surprise me in that case, because it used your phone's unique id, which includes the IMEI for GSM phones (I didn't know that at the time - I only found out when we were downloading all of our apps from the app catalog before it shut down).
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    I have recreated this on a Pre+ running a 2.1 metadoctor and a Veer running 2.2.4. Neither of these devices had Pandora installed already. I put a SIM in the Pre+ and turned off airplane mode, but it did not fix the problem, even after multiple reboots and airplane mode toggle. I don't know how important whatever it is trying to do is, but I get the feeling it could be worked around (hopefully I'm not wrong, but don't get your hopes up).

    I also tested on another Pre3 that hadn't been on recently, and also didn't have Pandora installed: that one doesn't have the error and I was able to sign in. The Pre3 I'm writing this on also didn't have Pandora installed, and it worked fine too. So that tells me it's not the SIM/airplane mode problem.

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    Will this work on a LG webOS TV?

    I am looking for an internet radio app like TuneIn but there is nothing available like it on the crappy LG Content Store. Can you sideload apps on the TV?
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