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    Warning, do not overwrite the original busybox and do not use the relink script unless you make sure that it contains only references to commands that are not available in your webos unit. Symlinking everything, instead, is at your own risk

    This was made for a pre3, and should work on others using armv7]

    A google-fu translation would be:

    busybox system comes with a version 1.17.3, and the function is relatively small, no crontab and telnet capabilities. I recompiled under Ubuntu-chroot today the latest version of busybox, made ​​up to share with you. The main program:

    busybox (1.36 MB, Downloads: 17) Replace the original / bin in busybox
    link to create a new function: to execute this script: relink (11.51 KB, Downloads: 12)
    DNS Fix: execute this script: dnsfix (207 Bytes, downloads: 7)

    These functions need oil can download attempt. EDIT: That, this will lead to busybox after reboot the device can not set the correct DNS server has been used 127.1 all domain names could not be resolved. Download has been disabled, working on solutions. . . . EDIT: come up with a (should) be able solution. . . Attachment at the top.
    As you can see, there's a newer busybox with over 300 commands implemented, more than what's offered by the standard busybox in webos. Changing it causes a quirk for the dns, that apparently is corrected using the 2nd script.

    My idea is that if someone is interested in the "extra" commands available, he could simply put the file in a safe directory (without removing the original one) , and just symlink the missing commands by tweaking and cutting the script, thus preserving the original (and not incurring in any dns annoyance)
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    By a quick check, his script linked various commands that hp decided to instead provide individually, with separate files (and possibly individual tweaks?).

    It seems even more sensible to symlink only the commands that are not in any way present (and to absolutely not touch the original busybox), triplechecking the locations (at least one that in his paths is in a place, hp instead put elsewhere)

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