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    As the other posts, is part of my roaming around

    Unofficial Python on webOS |
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    There's also .NET (Mono) for webOS. I have the IPK, but it should still be available anyhow

    [Edit] Here is is!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Remy X View Post
    There's also .NET (Mono) for webOS.

    Microsoft makes .Net open-source, finally embraces iOS, Android, and Linux | ExtremeTech
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    still struggling to figure out where all this will fit in the new world with LuneOS, EnyoJS....etc...

    Clearly we'd want a decent alternative to C/C++, but the proliferation of different runtimes could just cause chaos...or, I guess, looking at it the other way, supporting them all could result in a robust ecosystem...
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    I don't think Open webOS supports PDK/Native apps, pretty certain that that can be added, but the libraries that provided the special webOS functionality aren't there. Of course, nothing stopping someone from including Python into the OpenEmbedded build, and writing a webOS module that does handle things like service bus.. but that particular python-webos module linked in his github isn't going to work on the current Open, I don't think.
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