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    Another developer has stepped forward to lend their app to the community archive, someone you'll remember if you've been here from the early on

    So here's Radio Hibiki, one of the most highly rated webOS apps - A Palm Hot Apps Winner 2010 and featured on webOSRoundup Podcast #4, 6/25/2010


    The app may or may not work in its present state, so no support is implied, but here it is, and it will live to see another day.
    It will soon be in the Preware feed, but i have the ipk on hand right now if anyone lost their copy.

    P.S. If you happen to like the app (or the news), please don't thank me, thank the developer by posting a comment here, or on YouTube below the video. I would appreciate it.
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    Still use it every night. If you are an Old Time Radio fan, it is the best application on the market, even better than "Tune-in"
    "Sometimes I feel like an OS-less child..."
    (with apologies to Billie Holiday )
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    Thanks SHOUTcast!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by evacaf View Post
    Thanks SHOUTcast!!
    You mean thanks to the developer?

    Because he's the one who negotiated a licensing deal with SHOUTcast*, and spent hundreds of hours of his free time building this app, adding new features the community requested, fixing bugs, building the unreleased Touchpad version.

    *Whereas SHOUTcast, the company, they kind of suck. Difficult to negotiate with and not doing much to maintain a decent quality of service.

    So i guess you meant "thanks vanadium" instead..
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    Very cool! Does not look like it is on Preware yet, but I will keep watching for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NCCaniac View Post
    Very cool! Does not look like it is on Preware yet, but I will keep watching for it.
    I should submit it tonight. I just heard that there's a backlog of apps waiting for approval for the PreCentral feed, so i didn't bother with it yet
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    I think it's less about app approval than getting the feed update process fixed on the webosinternals server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Remy X View Post
    I should submit it tonight. I just heard that there's a backlog of apps waiting for approval for the PreCentral feed, so i didn't bother with it yet
    hey bro,

    Looks like you personal mailbox is full. So I'll say it here. Thanks to you.... and the mystery man
    "Sometimes I feel like an OS-less child..."
    (with apologies to Billie Holiday )
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    Adore this app. I think it was one of the first apps I purchased on webOS.

    Thanks Remy, thanks Vanadium, and thanks all.
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    Is anybody else having problems with this program? The lists work until it is supposed to load the stations then it just hangs. If you know the station name it can find it and play it.
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    Where is this IPK hosted? Was it ever submitted here?
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    I was hoping to find the IPK as well. It doesn't seem to be in Preware.
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    I contacted the developer and received this response (slightly edited)

    Hey there!

    I am well aware of PivotCE, and have actively followed the webOS community from its first days at CES and as an "Early Access Developer" in 2009 prior to the 1.0 release through all the pain and loss over the years into the present. I do wonder why the download link was removed; that's unfortunate. [...]

    Attached is the last public IPK I ever made of the application, which worked from webOS 1.2 when I first released it, clear through the webOS 3.x release (although in upscaling mode). Please do ensure that the community receives this and enjoys the application in whatever way possible. While I no longer have the 1.2.x source code available for any updates, I hope this is of use to as many people as want and/or need it. As the most successful commercial paid radio streaming app on the webOS platform from 2009-2012 with "Featured App" and "Hot Apps Winner" accolades behind it, consider this a token of thanks for the great run I had, and all the friendships I made with the active community that helped drive the effort.

    Radio Hibiki was truly a labor of love of one guy including all design, development, advertising, licensing, and every point in between, and it would have never been possible without the very same community that convinced me to go commercial after such a huge homebrew run whose numbers hit 30,000 before I even saw a dime.

    I hereby also grant the community rights to deconstruct for study and/or patch the application so long as they apply for a unique API key as a part of any effort, as modifications to the original application with any public release in mind are legally binding to my original contractual agreement with AOL, Inc. and thereby SHOUTcast at the time. Though SHOUTcast has found a new home away from AOL, I would rather not challenge the terms with which I was able to create and distribute this no matter the current ownership. Please enjoy it above all else.

    All the best to the LuneOS community moving forward. Donations are accepted through Paypal using this email address [duvallg at op9 dot com] to pay for my new NAS (*chuckle*) and development efforts, but none are required or even requested in the least.

    Gary T. DuVall
    I see there is a link posted just above, but I will presently submit the app to the gallery - as a non-developer, I wasn't expecting to need access, but I will apply now.
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