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    The TP app doesn't really work much better. As slow as it is at times on the Touchpad, I'd never even consider putting it on my phone.
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    ach, that

    Originally Posted by mazzinia
    you mean the touchpad client still works ?

    yep, just as good as it it ever did!

    made me hope
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    Didn't mean to bring you down. More stuff works than in the phone app, but I don't think I'd agree it works as well as it ever did. Among other things, due to the auth issue, it's no longer possible to upload pics in any version.
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    ahah :P

    yeh, know of that issue (not that I'm an active fb user... have an account that was forced to make, but practically don't use it, 0 pics and such. At most use fb chat to catch people that are hard to catch on skype)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    On top of all that, the app key was deleted, so a new one would have to be created and the app would likely have to be modified to use the newer Facebook APIs. It would be a major undertaking. Without (fully functional) Facebook on my phone, I waste a lot less time on there.
    I've been digging around in the internals of the Facebook Touchpad app, and have found a few things.

    1. The key and secret are stored in files in the "keys" folder of the app.

    2. The auth servers are stored in plaintext in the RestApiService.jsjsjs $file$ $in$ $the$ &$quot$;$services$&$quot$; $directory$ $in$ $the$ $app$.

    3. The FacebookApiService.jsjsjs $file$ ($also$ $in$ &$quot$;$services$&$quot$;) $has$ $a$ $spot$ $for$ $an$ $access$ $token$, $however$ $entering$ $one$ $manually$ $does$ $nothing$.

    I'll see if there's anything else that I can mess around with, but hopefully this can kickstart someone who knows what they're doing to do something. I think that it would be easier to fool the Touchpad into thinking that it's already logged in than to recreate the authentication system.
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    As of the 30th of april I can't login/access my feeds anymore due to the API-change of Facebook.

    Any success in getting a new app working?

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    I'm not sure if anyone that was already logged in is still able to use the webOS Facebook app but BlackBerry is claiming their Facebook apps for OS7 and BB10 will stop working at the end of this month due to API changes. It'll be interesting to see if the webOS apps are broken any further (if they still work at all?)
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    Unfortunately I'm logged out on all of my devices already
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