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    We're only a few days before the App catalog end, so I decided to re-download (and try to backup) some apps I had previously uninstalled from my Touchpad.

    I'm surprised because I don't find Astraware Casino anymore, though I bought it when it was published.

    Maybe some other apps are missing. Do you know witch ones, and is there a way to get them back ?

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    Here's the thread for apps that are being 're-homed':

    We may as well use the Zombie app thread linked below for stuff that will go with the closure. I will add your app there.

    The Astraware Apps I found are: Suduko (phone+TP), Mahjong, Crosswords Deluxe, Solitaire & Wordgames. If the Casino app involved parting with money, it may be that they decided to stop supporting on webOS and pulled it to avoid problems, but I don't know.

    The only way I can think of you getting it back would be if someone saved the IPK in the past.

    It occurs to me the the zombie list is for apps in the catalogue that don't work - not missing apps (You can't lose on an app you can't get), but I'll make a note as we are tracking what's going to be lost.

    You could contact Astraware and ask them if they will offer their apps in the App Gallery/Preware or behind their own paywall. It's likely that Touchpad apps will run on LuneOS and if it's minimal effort for them, they may shrug their shoulders and do so...
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    Thanks, I've just asked them, first for the ipk, second for putting their files on webosnation
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    I checked my dump of the App Catalog dated today, I can confirm the app is not in there....
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    I got it on an ancient restored touchpad. Wow, I was sure it wasn't there, and checking it...

    Built an ipk, it works !
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