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    It seems as if the AniWeather app is stuck in "no connection available" on my PRE3.
    Any tips/hints?

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    I downloaded and installed. I have the same problem. I'd guess that the weather info service this apps connects to is down or has perhaps changed it's API. I don't know what that service is, but for some reason I think it may use the same service as Accuweather (which is working fine, so maybe not)

    Perhaps someone can look at the code and determine which service it connects to.

    This link: aniWeather | webOS Nation seems to indicate the app was written by Dieter Bohn, but as he is a former editor here, I suspect he may have merely entered the app into the gallery.

    There is also this version: aniWeather PE | webOS Nation there's always a chance, but I suspect this will fail too.

    My final suggestion is to use accuweather or some other weather app...

    Tentatively adding it to the list below...
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    The weather Channel app is OK too - once you apply the fix for it.
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    I got nothing useful from watching the logs, other than exception trying to process a non-response. I remember uninstalling this app a while back when I noticed it wasn't working, without looking into seeing if I could find the error. If I find some time, I'll poke around and add some debug code to the app.

    Oh, and aniweather PE seems to have the se version number and package id, so it may be the exact same app version.
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    the app dont work too on my pre3 , i think something is broken !

    anyone know how to use this app ?

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