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    (please be gentle, this is my first ever review)

    Review of ACL for webOS
    April 29, 2014

    WebOS 3.05
    ACL for webOS
    Preware 1.9.12
    My knowledge level: Novice

    I finally decided to take the plunge and install ACL for webOS to see if I could extend the life of my TouchPad 32GB tablet. It had been collecting dust on the shelf, relegated to being used occasionally by my 5-year old daughter for basic games such as Angry Birds, Peekaboo, Dots-N-Lines, and Animal Baby Piano. I wanted more and ACL for WebOS seemed on paper to do what I wanted. I took advantage of the $10 off coupon code for ACL for webOS that is currently available so my investment of $20 was worth it to see if I could get some use out of my TouchPad.

    My level of knowledge is as a novice, and much of the discussions on this forum are foreign to me. For example, I managed to get Preware installed a long while ago, but that was a major undertaking and conquest for me. You will not see me try to “root” or “over-clock” my TouchPad and CyanogenMod – you can forget about that! It is simply too advanced for me.

    Installation was surprisingly simple. I followed the instructions on the screen, downloaded the install package (there was a reboot involved) and then entered the license key. Poof, my TouchPad was now running ACL for webOS with very little “pain” compared to my experience installing Preware.

    The OpenMobile AppMall icon was now available to me, so I immediately launched the application and started browsing around. I was familiar with the Google Play catalog, so it was logically similar. I started searching for applications I would be interested in downloading. I noticed very quickly that the OpenMobile AppMall is a small subset of applications available from the Android world (an all-too-familiar theme with webOS users). This was a bit of a disappointment. I first installed Netflix. Netflix installed very much like an Android application would. I liked how the icon showed up on my tablet seamlessly alongside webOS icons. From a user’s perspective, the integration of Android into webOS is very clean and the application icons live beside each other so by glancing at them, you cannot tell which is webOS and which is Android, which is a good thing. I downloaded the new Facebook app, LinkedIn, Instagram and even Dropbox.

    I am not sure if there is a way to get the Google Play catalog working with ACL for webOS, but that would be a huge improvement.

    Application integration is clean yet webOS and Android are separate. What I quickly noticed is that the environments do have a “wall” between them and I had to also download Adobe Acrobat reader for Android and Kingsoft Office for Android to open documents on the Android Dropbox even though I had equivalent apps for webOS (Adobe Acrobat for webOS and Quickoffice HD for webOS). Regardless, it is wonderful to have Dropbox back, given Dropboxify HD no longer works for me.

    On a side note, I had hoped to get access to my corporate e-mail for work (Exchange). My company policy requires Afaria security software to work. I spent the extra time to get Afaria installed and activated on the tablet (Android application), but when it ran the security policies, it did not recognize the tablet as an Android and did not apply the policies saying tablet was not supported. This was a disappointment as I hoped to be able to get Corporate email from the TouchPad to enhance its value to me.

    Performance is another matter. It took a bit longer for applications to actually launch, but I feel it was worth the extra lag for an Android application to load. The first application I tested was Netflix. I logged in as normal and started a movie. I noticed the movie was very choppy and honestly unwatchable which was an unfortunate fail. I was within about 10 feet of the wifi router (connected to high speed cable internet), so I know network connectivity was not an issue and my wife’s iPad (gen 2) was streaming video with no issues at all. I did test this several times at different times of the day and night with the same results.

    Other applications also seemed to run a bit slower, including the internet browser and Facebook. I have to admit I was hoping the Netflix application would work, but I am tolerant of all the other applications running more slowly. I found myself still using the native webOS browser for instance, simply because it was quicker to load web content even though the browser itself is inferior to it's Android counterpart.

    Stability is an interesting discussion point. In the approximate week since I have had ACL for webOS installed on my TouchPad 32GB, the system has spontaneously rebooted itself more times than it ever had in the previous years of ownership. Obviously, there are bugs to work out and I am not sure if performance can be enhanced at this point. I got Yahoo Mail to work, but it would often not launch itself and other times, it would not load email. I ultimately uninstalled that application in favor of the native webOS mail application. There were other quirks as well, but I did not keep a log book of each quirk.

    ACL for webOS Grades:
    Installation: A
    Applications via OpenMobile AppMall: C
    Integration with webOS: B+
    Performance: D
    Stability: C-
    Overall: C

    For die-hard TouchPad fans, I would recommend purchasing this software. It does make the TouchPad more “interesting” again and I have been using it consistently. The $20 I spent was reasonable given the amount of work to create this software and relatively limited legacy user community. I really do miss webOS as a completely superior end-user experience to Android and IOS, but I also miss having applications available to run. ACL for webOS does bridge some of that gap and is a worthy investment.
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    Google Market/Play Store...

    Yes there is a lot more involved for a novice, however, it is worth it...

    The stability issue with rebooting are very common with ACL 1.2.x I am using V1.0.1 and it is more stable then V1.2.x, I also have watched many movies with Netflix and it is not choppy for me, sometimes out of sync with video to audio, but not choppy, but again I am not using V1.2.x...
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Steffes View Post
    I also have watched many movies with Netflix and it is not choppy for me, sometimes out of sync with video to audio, but not choppy, but again I am not using V1.2.x...
    The whole reason I purchased ACL was to watch Netflix in webOS but the choppy playback is really disappointing. Is there any way to get the older version?
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    WebOS Rocks,
    Where did you get the $10 code coupon?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zane9000 View Post
    The whole reason I purchased ACL was to watch Netflix in webOS but the choppy playback is really disappointing. Is there any way to get the older version?
    It would also be helpful to understand why the newer version is slower if indeed that is the case.

    As an additional note, my TouchPad 32GB still has about 24GB of space free, and I have never done anything other than Preware to the system. So, I would consider it "clean" without any other nuances or apps that could cause this behavior.

    With regard to the Google Play app catalog, the instructions pointed out kindly by John Steffes via the link he posted are pretty complex to a novice like me, so I will definitely not try to undertake something like that.

    WebOS still ROCKS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmika View Post
    WebOS Rocks,
    Where did you get the $10 code coupon?
    yep, see my review... noted in there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmika View Post
    WebOS Rocks,
    Where did you get the $10 code coupon?
    Oh my, sorry, i read this wrong.. here is the link. You enter your email address to get a promotion code with $10 off.

    ACL for webOS HP TouchPad - Phoenix International Communications Store
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    Very well written review. Nice

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